HemValue the benefits of the stove

Value the benefits of the stove


Gabriel tiled stoves provide even and comfortable heat in both older and new energy-smart homes. The heat is released for a long time which gives a more comfortable indoor climate. Thanks to modern combustion technology efficiency is high and emissions low. The high efficiency also means that less fuel is needed.  To operate a slow heat release stove is also more cost effektive compared to common small metal stove.

The tiled stove combines features like design, style and status with benefits like pleasure, warmth, economy, quality, safety and  environment.

  •  Design and style – The stoves can be adjusted according to customer requirements and blend well with traditional and modern interiors.
  •  Status – Seen as a superior class piece of furniture rather than a regular fireplace.
  •  Heat – The heat accumulating stove provides a comfortable warmth during 24h
  •  Useful pleasure – Take advantage of the energy while cuddling by the fireplace.
  •  Economy – Increases the value and status of the property, high efficiency, requires less wood and saves energy.
  •  Quality – A fireplace that will last for generations.
  •  Security – Self-sufficient and independent of other heat sources. In a “Black-out” the stove will still keep the house warm.
  •  Environment – “Clean burning” = very high combustion efficiency and low emissions.

Invest in a tile stove from Gabriel,  and get comfortable indoor climate while the value of the property increases.




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