Gabriel Burmeister was the artist, graphic designer and potter, who developed a special faience style in the beginning of the last century. The so called Gabriel Faience was inspired from the techniques produced by the old Swedish factories Rörstrand and Marieberg during the 18th century and from the stove decorations of that time. Gabriel Burmeister cooperated with other skilled designers, one of them, Hjalmar Dahl from Gagnef in Dalacarlia, who had earlier decorated tiled stoves at the Boiver Stove Factory in Uppsala.
When Gabriel Burmeister in 1925 acquired a faience pottery in Timmernabben, the history of which goes back to 1859.

The Burmeister family is still running Gabriel Keramik and the goal is the same today as during Gabriel Burmeisters time; to create products that will give warmth and pleasure for generations.

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