The five-channel slow heat release stoves were developed in the middle of the 18th centuary to meet the demand for energy effective heat. The Gabriel stoves are built according to the original principle, where the heat from the smoke gas is stored in the masonry body when the smoke raises through the long channels to reach the chimney. Pleasant heat from the stove is released in the house up to 24 hours after the fire has gone out. The convection heat can be quicker by installing a fan in the base of the stove.

How 2KW feels better than 10KW.
The specified energy released from a tiled stove is about the same as for other stoves with the same volume of wood. However, the great difference is the tiled stove has a heavy “body” absorbing the heat from the smoke gas and releases it to the room during a long time. For the indoor climate (and your well-being) it is better with long lasting lower effect than a short-lasting heat burst as from other small metal stoves. This is specially relevant for new passive home owners.


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