Wonderfully warm - timeless beauty

Enjoy the warmth and the glow from a genuine tiled stove during the cold seasons. Delightful fireside comfort radiates through the large glass doors. The perfectly shaped and well-balanced tiled stoves from Gabriel are made circular and rectangular in classic as well as modern style.

Manual production and a wide range of decorations and colours make it easy for everyone to find a model, which harmonizes with the interior style and architecture of your house.



Studio blue, a beautiful color in a nice contrast to the modern White interior styles you find these Days.

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The stoves benefits

Gabriel's tiled stoves provides smooth and pleasant warmth in all houses. The heat is released for a long time and provides a comfortable indoor climate. Due to modern combustion technology the energy efficiency rate is high and emission levels very low. Less wood consumption makes the tiled stove lower heating costs compared to a wood burning metal stove.

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Köpa kakelugn? Besök mässan 2017

12 - 15 oktober 2017 på Stockholmsmässan i Älvsjö.

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Jubileumsugn under framtagning.

Med anledning av att det är 250 år sedan Cronstedt och Wrede presenterade sitt förslag till veds besparing tar vi fram en heldekorerad Drottningholm i endast 10 numrerade exemplar.

Film from the production

See the film - "the making of masonry tile stoves"

The film will show the production of masonry tile stoves in Timmernabben, Sweden.
Every part in the production is handled with care - a craftmanship of highest quality - a piece of art.

Här bygger vi en kakelugn

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